Masarrat Misbah

Madam Masarrat Misbah renowned beautician, philanthropist and entrepreneur, is one of the pioneers of the beauty industry in Pakistan. The rich legacy of Depilex Beauty Clinic and Institute started in the year 1980, launched by Madam Masarrat Misbah at a single premises in Karachi, that today is an empire with over 72 locations nationwide and over 1500 women employed, making Depilex the first and largest chain of salons in Pakistan. Madam Masarrat Misbah paved the way for the creation of a professionalized beauty industry having worked with and trained leading names. Creating a market for new products and then popularizing the product is no easy job, but Madam Masarrat aptly and gracefully handled this formidable task.

In 2003 Madam Masarrat Misbah launched the Depilex Smileagain Foundation, a nonprofit organization for women and children burnt intentionally by acid and kerosene oil. Helping survivors by providing free reconstructive surgery, medical help, psycho social help and rehabilitation into main stream society. Out of the several hundred survivors registered with the NGO, numerous have been provided with training, education, job placement and setting up of small businesses. Madam Masarrat Misbah continues to strive to eradicate this heinous crime by working towards further developing legislation to protect survivors, bring their perpetrators to justice and working towards licensing for acid sale

In 2014 M/s Misbah Cosmetics (Pvt) Limited (MCPL) with Masarrat Misbah Makup (MMM) brand was launched as Pakistan’s First Halal makeup brand. Madam Masarrat being a household name in beauty services & industry is an ambassador to MCPL brands. MCPL’s weightless, high quality, matte finish Halal MM Silk Foundation became a best seller in 2016. . Due to its high quality the MMM brand is now recognized and liked in Pakistan and abroad.