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Macter International Limited is amongst the leading Pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan. Macter is a public limited company and has a successful 30 years track record in the manufacturing of pharma formulations. The principal activity of the company is to manufacture and market pharmaceutical products. The company enjoys a sterling reputation of quality and is amongst the top 5 manufacturers by volume. Macter has strong corporate governance structure and systems. In view of Macter’s capabilities and growth prospects, International FI’s have recently invested into the company.

As a company, our first responsibility is to our customers – the doctor who prescribes our product and the patient who uses them. To meet their needs satisfactorily on a long-term horizon, quality consciousness and teamwork is ingrained in all our employees at all levels. As an employer, we recognize the individuality of each employee and seek to develop his/her potential, providing fair compensation in a healthy and safe working environment. As a civic-minded institution, we believe in supporting causes that protect our natural surroundings and uplift the health and educational standards of our community. As a firm in a competitive market, we seek to constantly introduce new and innovative products and systems to meet the changing needs of our customers.

Currently Macter’s business areas are Contract manufacturing and branded generic formulations. Macter is the largest contract manufacturer in Pakistan particularly for the multinational companies with one of the most advanced production facilities offering a wide range of dosage forms: Oral solids and liquids, Parenterals (ampules and vials), Topicals, Metered dose Inhalers, Ear and Eye drops. Dedicated facilities are available for Cephalosporins, Penicillins & Biologics. The manufacturing operations meet international cGMP standards and are quality management system ISO 9001:2008 certified. Macter’s contract manufacturing clients include a number of blue chips multinationals.


We see Macter as an integrated global healthcare company serving patients, healthcare professionals and customers with high quality and innovative products and services. We are committed to achieving our vision in an ethical and socially responsible manner.


Macter exists to: serve humanity by improving health and well-being; facilitating all associates to achieve their potential with dignity; and providing a means for an ethical and fair livelihood.


  • Shariah Compliance
  • Benevolent Intent
  • Customer Focus
  • Communication & Teamwork
  • Excellence
  • Leadership



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Pakistan Pharma Manufacturer Association (PPMA)     Membership No : MS-053

Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industries (KCCI)     Membership No : 31551

Company Status

Public Interest Company as per Third Schedule of Companies Act, 2017

Legal Advisor

Zubairi Law Associates, Karachi.

Subsidiary Company:

Misbah Cosmetics (Pvt.) Limited
CUIN Registration Number: 0088690
National Tax Number:
Address: F-216A, SITE, Karachi, Pakistan.