Corporate Social Responsibility

Macter International Limited believes in playing an important role in supporting the community and social development of the country. We have always shown strong commitment towards public health and their social welfare.
We believe that while we earn from them, we should also return it to them.
Macter also believes that no organization operates in isolation; there must be interaction with employees, consumers, suppliers, all stakeholders and very importantly, with the society at large.

CSR Highlights of Macter’s Work

  • Arrangement of Vaccination programs across Pakistan.
  • Macter has participated in several disaster management programs all over the country.
  • In 2005 earthquake in Northern areas and in 2010 earthquake in Quetta, Macter participated in the relief programs. A mobile ambulance, that cost across 10 Million, fully equipped with the modern facilities of treatment, made in Macter, and sent to Northern areas for the relief purpose.
  • In 2002-03, Macter launched Hepatitis B Vaccination campaign with the help of some renowned NGO’s in all four provinces.
  • Again from 2004 to 2008, Macter launched Hepatitis B Vaccination programs quarter by quarter in the country at 50% cost. A large number of people were covered in this mass campaign.
  • Free of cost distribution of medicine is also include in Macter’s charitable programs.
  • Macter believes that enabling individuals to assert their rights to health means facilitating access to quality medicines and vaccines with economical price to reach the benefits as many patients as possible, in all regions of the country.
  • Our objective is to give people the best quality of life. Being a healthy citizen makes a person striving member of the community.
  • Our team of medical professionals has attempted a lot to keep the Pakistani people aware of asthma, diarrhea, arthritis, depression, hepatitis, diabetes, cardio metabolic diseases, acid peptic disorders, immunization and COPD and other health related issues, so that they can be identified at an early stage and treated successfully with the help of a medical professional.
  • Macter support medical community, both at the national and international level with the intention to enhance medical awareness for the benefit of society.