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Technical & Plant Operations

Macter produces specialty products at its state-of-the-art plants. These include solid and liquid oral dosage forms (tablets, capsules, syrups, suspensions and dry powder), injections (sterile liquid vials, sterile liquid ampoules and sterile dry powders), ointment and cream, drops and inhalers.



Macter International has state-of-the-art Tablet Manufacturing facility. In this facility team of Pharmacists, chemists and engineers produces branded high quality tablets product. In this context we provide services to world leading pharmaceuticals as they trust our Tablet Manufacturing facility.



Macter has separate capsule producing facility for PENICILLIN, CEPHALOSPORIN and non anti-biotic products. State-of-the-art CFR compliant equipment produces high quality capsule products for Macter’s own brands, leading Multinational and local companies, and for international market .



At Macter international team of qualified staff including pharmacists, microbiologists and engineers work hard to maintain state-of-the-art Injectable manufacturing facility. The facility is fully capable of producing quality Injectable products complying with both local and international standards.For this reason Macter has gained very good market abroad for its quality Injectables.



With Hi-tech Italian filling and packaging facility Macter also provides services to leading MNC and Local clients to produce branded and leading products in this facility.



Macter maintains separate and Hi-tech powder filling facility for producing dry powders. PENICILLIN and CEPHALOSPORIN are produced with high standard which Macter maintains for leading international giants and itself.



The wide range of dosage forms at Macter also include syrups/liquids. In term of bulk and services this is the largest facility to cover up leading multinational and local clients. This also indicates our capability of producing quality Liquid products.

Dedicated Facilities

  • Penicillin (antibiotic)

  • Aerosol area

  • Biotech

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