Generic Name

Peripheral neuropathies
Megaloblastic anemia caused by vitamin B12 deficiency

Tablet : 500µg
Injection : 500µg

Pack Size
Tablets : 20’s & 50’s
Injection : 10’s

Dosage Form
Tablets and Injection


Therapeutic Class
Vitamin B12 Analogue


  1. Hassan


    Doctor has recommended “Cobolmin” injections for treatment of itching/burning indications on back, faced by my wife. I desire to know why he has prescribed so. Under what indications “Colbolmin” is recommended to use. Please give me awareness/guidance. Thanks.

  2. Muhammad Naeem Anwar


    I have been advised Cobolmin 500MG (Mecobalamin)(Twice a day for 05 Days & further one pill for next 25 the Doctor. I want to know its side effects and functions. Please guide.

  3. JesseDauck


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